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To Prepare the Way

As a revival movement of people, we have heard the cry of a world that waits to know Jesus and are determined to answer it with His presence. We believe that this is the hour for the Church to arise and shine.

Now is the time—time to arise and build for the purposes of our God as people united who are equipped and empowered to impact communities, cities, and nations for Him, bringing His manifest presence into the darkest corners of the earth.

We believe that as we join together as one, we’ll reach those who are “drawn to the brightness of our rising” (Isaiah 60), so that the world that waits to know Jesus is revived through the transformational hope that He alone can bring—as people encounter the power of the living God


Foundations & Present Day

Bethel has been championing the cause of revival since the 1950s, and has a longstanding history of generational movement towards the gospel going to the nations. We are well-established as a global force of equipping leaders of all spheres to lead with kingdom-minded priorities and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. With a foundation of faith, focus, and fire, Bethel is a leading voice in the cause of Christ going to the ends of the earth.

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The Future

This new sanctuary and supporting facilities will help us to care more effectively for the people He has given us. It will also serve as an apostolic resource center that will help to fuel revival and transformation in the nations of the world. In light of that assignment, we have said a collective yes to this responsibility to increase our capacity to host and disciple the nations, facilitating a global revival movement.

We are investing in what we believe will affect the course of world history. In this project, we will arise and build to prepare the way for the greater works of God here on earth through His manifest presence.

Let's stand together in this pivotal hour as a movement of hearts focused on revival to see God's will accomplished on earth as it is in heaven.

A Message from Bill Johnson

"Bethel has been given a mandate to host the nations in greater capacity and equip revivalists — reformers who change the world as they partner with heaven. As we steward this calling, the need for ample facilities and room to grow becomes increasingly apparent. We are partnering with other catalysts from around the world to propel this mission forward, and are believing for an entirely new, state-of-the-art campus where we can continue to pursue God’s decree over our movement. To do this, we will partner with the global Bethel movement to bring in the fiscal, social, and intellectual capital needed to complete this project. We invite you to become a part of the story that God is writing until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God." - Bill Johnson, Bethel Senior Leader

Prophetic Words

We felt the Lord confirm through a prophetic word in February, 2020 that now is the time to build. In His kindness, He gave us this powerful word to hold onto just days before the COVID-19 lockdown. In a season where building did not seem to make practical sense, we trusted God’s logic and His perfect timing.

On August 8, 2021 we broke ground on our new campus: a home for our local church, and the center of the revival movement that the Lord has called us to steward and grow. We build not just for today's needs but out of obedience to the vision He has placed in our hearts for what is still coming.

"You’ve seen what’s coming and if you don’t build it now, you won’t be ready for what’s coming tomorrow. It is the time to build."

Dr. Michael Maiden
February, 2020

"You’ve seen what’s coming and if you don’t build it now, you won’t be ready for what’s coming tomorrow. It is the time to build."

Dr. Michael Maiden
February 2020

"The moment is coming when it is going to be impossible to build a building to house what God wants to do in this community. And you are literally going to have to rack your brains, and spend a lot of time on your knees finding creative ways to house what God is going to do."

Dick Joyce
July 26, 1998

"Literally, tens of thousands of souls are going to be saved at your altars. Revival is going to explode in Redding. It is going to touch every school, every convalescent home, every hospital...the media will take great attention of it"

Joe Fruci
December 5, 1997

"It's true that we don’t put money in buildings; we put money in people. But there is something about building something that generations can add on to and bless and be a part of. There is something of permanence that we haven't understood in our culture."

Cindy Jacobs

"Facilities facilitate. Because God wants to increase the influence of Bethel exponentially even to what you’ve already experienced, the facility is of primary importance."

Stacey Campbell

"I witnessed in my recent vision a mighty revival as if I was there in the flesh. A revival that we have not seen in over 150 years sweeping through Redding, CA and Bethel. However, it was not past-tense nor was it present-tense; it was futuristic in its scope and was looming directly ahead of them like a mountain. Impending, bursting the seams."

Chad Taylor

Building the Future

On a spacious 58 acre property, the Collyer Campus will provide a new center to accommodate the expansion of both the church and our School of Supernatural Ministry, with the core objective to resource and facilitate the training and equipping of passionate believers through classes, conferences and weekend services.

This is more than a call.

It’s a mandate for what is ahead. And so we build an apostolic center that will become a worldwide hub to help prepare the way for a global revival movement.

This is more than a building.

It’s participating with Heaven. And as we do, we build an enduring legacy for today’s revivalists and reformers, creating new momentum and preparing the way for generations to come.

Quick Facts

  • 58 acre property
  • 2,600 seat sanctuary
  • Double the space for children’s ministry
  • 6 times current lobby space
  • Large outdoor community space
  • Perimeter walking trail
  • Pedestrian focused traffic flow
  • 1,500+ parking spaces
  • 5 campus vehicle exits

Giving Progress

Goal -
Total Funds -
Reserves - $4.1M
Donations - $22.3M
Commitments - $12M
Total Funds as of Nov 2022- $38.4M
Goal - $97M

We would be honored to have a personal conversation with you if you are interested in learning more about gifts of stock, real estate, IRA distributions, estate gifts, or other creative giving opportunities. Contact Us to begin this conversation!


Commit to Arise & Build

Together, we have given and committed 40% of the funds needed to build!

Thank you for choosing to stand in faith with us to see this important vision come to completion. Every seed sown into Arise & Build is an investment in the transformation of future generations, and impacts the course of history.  

You carry an important part of the move of God. The work is underway but it won’t be complete without you.

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